“Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper” An extremely well known phrase


An extremely well-known phrase, a very true one as well. The benefits of eating breakfast are that it gives our body & brains, all the fuel necessary for a Good Start of what could be an extremely hectic day ahead.

A Survey conducted in America revealed that Breakfast helped improve the way students performed in the class.  Those who missed breakfast underperformed as compared to those who had eaten did much better.

I recollect many years ago, heading off to work without having breakfast, just so as to gain an extra fifteen minutes in bed. But then as the morning was coming to an end I was beginning to wonder why I was so weak & lethargic, needless to say I put two and two together and clearly understood what had gone wrong.

Having learnt some thing important, this is what I do, everyday, wake up at least a good fifteen minutes earlier, as that’s how long it takes for you to prepare and eat your breakfast, to help ensure a good start for a great day ahead.

Why not try to plan what you will be having days in advance;  then you could try cutting your fruits on the evening before, mix your yoghurts or even take your cereals and bowls out,  even your butter could be put out to at room temperature.

So go on why not kick start your day with a healthy breakfast after all you only have one body, treat it with respect.

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