Kitchen Essentials for a first kitchen by Chef Marco

Kitchen Essentials

I recall moving into my first apartment many years ago and wondering what I would need in the soft furnishings side. How would I know, especially since everything was available to me as I was growing up in my parent’s home.

Whether you’re a recent graduate moving into your own apartment or newlyweds settling into your first home, you will need the right equipment, and that, believe you me is not as easy as you might think, though for me I had it easier, since having already spent eight years in a kitchen as a young trainee chef.

I am certain that we have spent several hours walking up and down the aisles of kitchenware stores to compile a list of all the essentials you might think that you would need for prepping, cooking, and baking. It’s easy to fall prey to the allure of so many new products, with all those lovely colors and shiny metallic objects.

I started with some glassware, crockery and cutlery, I bought from a well-known department store.

Below is what I use daily, and what I think are essentials for a first kitchen:

  1. Pots & pans: 1 stainless steel sauté pan for frying, 3 saucepans of different sizes with lids for cooking vegetables, soups and pastas
    2.Chef’s knives selection & Peeler
    3. Cutting Boards (2)
    4. Food storage containers
    5. Wooden spoons
    6. Mixing bowls:  I have 3 (small and large), preferably stainless steel or glass if possible.
    7. Colander/ Sieve
    8. Can opener & Bottle opener
    9. Kettle
    10. Espresso Machine

Number Ten was bought recently as I love to have a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The above items will get you through.

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