Lemons in the household

lemon in the household

Lemons in the household


Lemon is a super fruit, which is not only used for health and flavour reasons but comes in handy for many household uses also.


Good Cleansing agent; The acidic nature of lemon gives a good shine to dull and discolored metal utensils when rubbed with a piece of lemon or a cloth piece dipped in lemon juice and rinsed with warm water. Lemon juice also brightens up chinaware when used with salt in a 1:2 proportion to clean it. It is also a good solution to clean tough stains from microwave and refrigerator .




Can be used as an insecticide; Insects are not very fond of the smell of lemons. If you use lemon juice along with the rind in the water to clean your house and kitchen, the insects will get the message that they are not welcome in to the house.




Deodorizing agent; The smell of lemon is very refreshing. Putting a few leftover lemon peels in the garbage disposals will keep the smell fresh. To get rid of the odors from a wooden bowl, ladle or a cutting board, rub a piece of lemon to it and the wood will absorb the lemon juice leaving it with a pleasant smell.



Removes fruit and vegetable stains; To get rid of fruit or vegetable stain from hands, rub some non diluted lemon juice to the hands and wait for a couple of minutes before washing it with warm and soapy water. You can repeat the process if needed, depends on the toughness of the stain.

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