Raspberry Panna Cotta with Short Bread and Chocolate Mousse


Recently I was catching up with an old friend and during the course of conversation I discovered that she had developed an allergy to gluten, lactose and egg. So this recipe is dedicated to all those people who cannot enjoy a lot of food due to such dietary restriction. The sense of loss is stronger in people who at some point of time in their life have indulged in these delectables. Here in under is my take on Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan version of panna cotta, chocolate mousse and short bread biscuit. Each of the main components of this dessert could be served/consumed on its own, however I chose to put them together to create a plated dessert.

Short bread

Almond flour 20 g
Glutenfreeall purpose flour 35 g
Chickpeas flour/sorghum flour 30 g
Oil 40 g
Water 10 g
Salt 1 pinch
Vanilla extract ¼ tsp


Mix together all the dry ingredients.

Mix together the oil and water and pour on to the dry ingredients.

Mix it well till it comes together to form a dough.

Sheet the dough to 3-4 mm thickness.

Place a 5- inch by 5-inch steel frame over it and refrigerate.

Bake at 160 centigrade for 15 min or until the shortbread starts to brown.

Remove from the oven and brush the shortbread within the frame with melted dark chocolate. Set aside.

Crush the trimming to form a crumble like texture.

Raspberry panna cotta

Ingredients Quantity
Soy/rice milk 100 g
Cashew nut  cream 100 g
Sugar 35 g
Agar agar flakes 2 g
Raspberry (or any other fruit) puree 70 g

For cashew cream

Cashewnut 30 g`
Rice / soy milk 100 g


For cashew cream – boil the soy milk and soak in the cashew nut for 20 -25 min.

Blend the cashews with the soaking liquid to form the cream.

For the panna cotta

Soak the agar agar in the soy milk for 20-30 min.

Boil for a couple of minutes. Add the cashew cream followed by the fruit puree.

Pass through the strainer.  Pour the mix over the short bread base and freeze.

Chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate 56% 100 g
Soy milk 100 g
Sugar 30 g
Agar agar ¼ tsp


Soak agar agar in the soy milk for 15 to 20 min.

Bring it to a boil and pour over the chocolate.

Mix well to form a ganache.

Whip the ganache while cooling over ice bath until light.

Refrigerate for 30-40 min.

Make quenelles and freeze.

Lavender air

Soy milk 100 g
Lavender aroma 1 drop
Sugar 20 g
Agar agar ¼ tsp

Soak agar agar in the soy milk for 15 to 20 min.

Bring it to a boil and cool to room temperature.

Beat using a stick blender or a whisk.


Remove the panna cotta out of the freezer and let it rest in room temperature for 10-12 min. Cut into desired shape.

Place the panna cotta on the presentation plate and top with chocolate quenelle.

Spoon the lavender foam over it and top with a gold leaf.

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