Salad party – Welcoming the summer


Summer brings some refreshing thoughts of lemonades, citrus fruits, ice popsicles and colourful salads. It is this time of the year when we gear ourselves up to try and shed all the extra calories we had during the winter holidays, comfortably wrapped up in layers. We celebrated the winter with our endless rounds of family get-togethers and dinner parties during the holiday season, not to mention the heavy and heartening meals we gobbled down. Now that it has started getting sunny and warm, it’s time to welcome summer with a refreshingly light salad party.

As assumed, salad parties are not about healthy and boring food on the counter. It is more of a casual and open air party which you can set up for your friends and family by the poolside or in your backyard garden on a weekend to enjoy the warm weather with them. Since the party is held in an open air environment, there will be more physical activities like sports and games involved making the party more fun. Throwing a salad party is not only healthy for the guests but time effective for the host also. You don’t have to cook much for a salad party, all you have to do is to cut some veggies and fruits, thus making it an excellent platform for the you to showcase your knife skills too.

Serving salad from starter to dessert gives you a variety of effortless options. You can make bite size starters with raw veggies along with feta or goat cheese, grilled meat pieces, mushrooms, olives etc. the options are in plenty to serve the starters with some breads and dips. To serve some drinks, you have lemonade, fresh juices or impress the guests with your own fruit punches.

For the main course you can choose whole meal salads like shrimp ceasar salad, Thai beef salad or a Modern Tabbouleh, that provides itself as a complete meal. When it comes to desserts at a salad party, fruits and nuts come to the rescue. Play with different fruit combinations with your choice of nuts, drizzle some honey or even melted dark chocolate and satisfy your sweet tooth on a healthy note. As far as kids are concerned, be easy on them and serve them some ice creams, sorbet, custard or even some whipped cream along with the fruits and nuts, and they would be more than happy to have them.

When you decide to throw a salad party, remember it is a win-win situation for everyone. It’s healthy, relaxing, fun-filled and satisfying for both the guest and the host. To know more about varieties of salads that you can serve at a party, log on to Fatafeat ICCA Academy Online and let’s get a whole new healthy party season started.

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