Sandwiches – The travel friendly food

Sandwich - Falafel

Sandwiches – The travel friendly food

‘Convenient’ is the word associated with sandwiches. Everyone loves sandwiches for their convenience and versatility in taste. It could be a tasty snack or a healthy meal in itself, depending on the kind of filling that has been sandwiched in between the slices. In the list of foods loved equally by kids and adults, sandwiches have a dominant position.

It is a known fact that kids are more than happy to see their lunch boxes packed with sandwiches and other accompaniments. Moreover sandwiches are the best way to make kids eat their veggies along with their favourite sweet versions. Remember our childhood picnics and school days when we used to get those yummy butter-jam sandwiches along with the cheesy club sandwiches and chips? Although, growing up has toned down our  taste buds to adjust with healthier versions, I must say those were some guilt free indulgence days.

While travelling, we prefer to carry something light and handy to eat and there is no better option than sandwiches. It is the convenience of all essential nutrients in a meal, neatly stacked and packed in between slices of bread, that makes it an excellent food to carry when travelling. This can also avoid health problems caused by eating from outside. The option of customizing the filling makes it a universal food suitable for every culture. The usual choices of fillings are meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, butter, jams and sauces. A sandwich could be sweet or savoury.

In the Middle East sandwiches are more in the form of wraps, where the fillings are wrapped inside a flat bread. To name a few some of the regional wrap delicacies are Shawarma Sandwich and Falafel Wraps. These are wraps where grilled meat and fried falafel balls are topped with hummus or tahini and rolled in Arabic bread, which is typically a flat bread and served with pickled and fresh vegetables.

Whether you are travelling or packing up something for a picnic, sandwiches or wraps  are the kind of food that make a perfect healthy light meal to carry along. Sandwiches are portable, easy to eat, customizable and will keep you full and active. To make your next trip stress free or to make something deliciously interesting for your little picky eaters, learn more about making regional as well as international varieties of sandwiches on Fatafeat ICCA Academy Online.

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