The Art of Eating Right- Feed Your Soul and Body

art of eating right

Weight loss! We all know how this word rings an alarm for all the women out there. But interestingly this is not limited to only women anymore. Men too are taking all the essential measures to get that six pack on. It is a good thing that people are wanting to get into good shape, but when you  really notice it’s not about being fit or healthy that everybody is concerned about, but are actually obsessed with the terms weight loss, six pack & skinny, not to mention the fad diets and imported food eating habits associated with it.

The weight loss industry has made it all a game of myths for their convenience, which we believe blindly without even thinking twice about it.. They asked us to, give up on our traditional ways of eating food, switch to everything low fat,  to forget our local produces because they are high in carbs & calories, cut down on natural fats too, use fat burning supplements along with some imported wonder fruit that we have never heard about or seen before. Today this is the reality everywhere and the fact we still haven’t realized is,  that people from  the different geographical conditions have different needs for their bodies and we all are nature provided with whatever we need for our body in our own living environment itself.

Going to the supermarkets looking for imported fruits & veggies, grains or low fat dairy products by avoiding your local produce is not the right way to go about being healthy. Just think for a moment that even after following all these overhyped diets and lifestyles, how many of us did actually manage to stay Healthy? Mind you I am not talking about staying SLIM here but about ‘HEALTHY & FIT’. Forget being healthy, as far as I have  also noticed a majority has not even achieved their weight loss goals after going through all these diets and workouts. The reason for this is if your mind is not in terms with what you eat and do,  then it is not going to show any positive results on your body too.

Everyone knows weight loss happens only if you have a balanced diet along with some physical activities, which is true. When I say balanced diet, it is not counting your calorie intake by having those diet foods but having all kinds of food that is wholesome, fresh, locally available and possibly home cooked with a content mind. Our body responds well to the kind of food that is from the same environment where we are living in and that is exactly what we should focus on, to stay fit and healthy.

In the earlier days we hardly had any health problems such as obesity, cancer, heart diseases or any of these modern day diseases. When science and technology advanced our access to everything was made easy and food from around the world was not at all difficult. Thus people started getting adapted to different kinds of food, which were not from their surroundings. When we consume imported fruits and vegetables, one would wonder what could possibly go wrong with eating natural food? The problem here is that the fruits or vegetables will be in their worst condition due to the process of oxidation that takes place when kept stored for days and also the range & amount of chemicals used to keep them look fresh, till the time it takes to get to you. After all it is needless to say when consumed are largely toxic to your body. At the same time if you focus on eating the local produce then you are not only helping yourselves in the best possible way but are also supporting your local farmers to help produce more goodness.

Ancient cultures preach about the importance of eating right to stay healthy. I have noticed a trend mainly among the youngsters to look down on their age-old food traditions. They either think it is an old school practice or it is too much of effort to be put into for a busy lifestyle.  No matter which culture or tradition one would belong to, the traditional way of eating food in any culture actually has some science behind, to help build and maintain a good health andin fact food was the ultimate medicine in those days. According to the Chinese food traditions, cooking is balancing yin and the yang, which is all about eating the right types of food in the right season tohelp keep the equilibrium of the body. If you do it wrong, then it will definitely be seen on your body.

We think and tend to believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the valley when we are actually enjoying a lush green forest around us. It is advised that we focus first on what we have around us and then only if needed widen our circle. Again about loosing weight, first of all accept the fact that achieving weight loss or having a six pack is not what you should focus on, you actually need to set your mind on having a healthy lifestyle and the rest will simply follow.

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