The Cake Niche


A celebration just isn’t a celebration without a cake. Nowadays, there is hardly any occasion celebrated without having a cake cutting ceremony as part of it.  Cake cutting was only a part of birthday celebrations in the earlier days, but now you name the occasion, a customized cake relevant to the theme will be the main point of attraction of that event. Whether it’s a memorable occasion or a success party, cakes seem to have made a significant position for themselves in it. Cakes being an inevitable part of celebrations, people are taking more interest in learning to bake and decorate cakes. It’s not just the prominence of cakes in a celebration, but the satisfaction of creating something artistically beautiful and simple is what drives more people to it.

It’s true that everybody likes to be acknowledged as a creative person, regardless of their field of creativity. But being creative is not everyone’s cup of tea. Creativity demands a great deal of talent to make the successful end result happen. As far as baking and decorating cakes are concerned, one’s personal interest is what matters more than any inborn talent. A cake could be made by anyone who has a little patience and the enthusiasm to do it. You can technically learn baking, decorating & all of cake making by just following the technical procedure for it. It doesn’t really stress on aptitude to bake a cake, but having a natural flair for culinary arts is always an added advantage. It could help you to make better cakes using the best of your imagination. Imagination sure does play a vital role when you are experimenting with new combinations of ingredients while baking or designing a cake, but even if you lack creative imagination you can still bake & decorate a cake by following a tried and tested recipe & design by mastering the techniques.

The recent trends in cakes, the surge in popularity of celebrity chefs and their subsequent television shows have encouraged many housewives to turn into successful entrepreneurs. Not to mention the sudden boom in culinary classes and workshops. Women seem to have taken a liking for baking and selling customized cakes and desserts from the comfort of their home. Nowadays, people prefer their cakes to be homemade to regular store bought ones. The main reason for this trend is that generally the home bakers concentrate only on one order at a time taking care of the special needs and demands of that particular customer by paying attention to every little detail while making it, but also use good quality ingredients as the cake they make has their signature. This literally makes that one customer the baker’s priority for a particular time, which is why people don’t mind paying for such custom-made cakes by home bakers. Not only does this give the home baker the comfort of both time and place of their choice but also a source of income. There are many bakers who have started at home and have taken their business to greater heights.

Today, we are blessed with many ways of learning techniques available around us. Even if you don’t want to step out of your house, you can still learn to make some delicious cakes for your loved ones from our luscious collection of cake recipes with every possible detailing to the recipe on Fatafeat ICCA Academy Online.

After all a slice of homemade cake has a certain amount of sentiments associated with it, as it is something people remember from days gone by.

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