What does it take to become a professional chef?

Professional Chef

Becoming a professional chef takes a lot of hard work and the kind of passion that will lead you to master the craft.  The amount of passion you have for it determines the fine difference between a professional chef or someone who enjoys cooking for family and friends. You have to have an open mind and heart to actualize your dream of becoming a professional chef, the title will not be easily handed to anyone, you have to work hard and have the right attitude to attain it.

When you have made up your mind about becoming a professional chef, you will also need to understand the art and business of cooking. Know that the best chefs in the world began by washing the dishes and mopping kitchen floors because no one had it easy, everyone worked hard and it is an essential part of the experience before you become a world-renowned chef.

Getting an opportunity to work hands on in the kitchen could be very useful, if you get lucky you can even get an opportunity to work with an acclaimed chef which could boost your career in an instant because of the lessons and experiences that you’ll get from the experience. Perhaps starting off with some basics in your own kitchen at home helps you understand the nuances. Some of the most successful sauces and recipes across the world were designed by people who aspired to set a standard from Betty Crockers to of course Colonel Sanders. They all began with experimenting at home.

Getting the proper education and training to become a professional chef will of course be very valuable. You will have the proper skillset required in the industry and hone them with constant training and practice. You will get to learn all the necessary skills that every world-renowned chef has from the basics like knife handling to making stocks, soups, sauces and salads up to making different cuisines and its presentation.

So, if you think you have the guts to have a professional chef, ICCA is ready to take you to your journey on becoming a professional chef that you have dreamed of!

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